Wednesday, March 27, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt For A Very Special Lady

For My Dear Friend Karen 

I made this T-Shirt quilt for a woman who is truly inspirational! She is a true fighter in every sense of the word.... from MS to Cancer... She can run the whole 26.2 NYC Marathon  with her crutches... and she has done this more than once!  Her spirit is infectious!! She is always giving, giving, giving!!! It is give back time!! It was a joy and a pleasure to work on this quilt. Each shirt holds a very special meaning for her. I was honored to make it for her.

Telegraph T-Shirt

This shirt was given to Karen years ago by her sister. While visiting a friend house the shirt became ruined.  Her friend's mother had an old ringer tub.  It got stuck in the ringer and was torn front and back and became unbelievably stretched out!  She couldn't wear it after that, but she held on to it for years. She wasn't sure that I would be able to put it in the quilt.  I mended the shirt the best I could, but no matter how I tried to block it the shirt would not straighten out. So I quilted horizontal and vertical lines. This shirt is very special to her and I am glad I was able to put it in the quilt. 


 Small Tigger from the front of the shirt was added to the block.

 This block was very long so I cut Central Park out and added to the side of the shirt.

 Quilted the number 40 on the lower portion of the block.
 Added clouds.
           Added hearts. 
 Cut the Mr. Bubble saying from the back of the shirt and added it to the front. The bubbles were fun to do.  
 Quilted a few dog bones in the lower half of the block. 
Cut the back of the shirt and pieced it to the front of the shirt. 
 Achilles Kids is a wonderful Running Program for Children and Adults with Special Needs. 

 Added hearts and circles.

Cut the front logo and added it to the back of the shirt. 

My personal Favorite! Yummmm Chocolate!! 

 Roxie Approved!  

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