Friday, June 22, 2012

My Stretched BrotherPQ1500S

Finally My Baby is Home!  

Before and After!!  

I really loved my 9 inch Brother machine, but like many quilters I outgrew my shortarm fairly quickly. 

Out of frustration with the lack of space while quilting,    (Summer of 2011) I called  and put my name on a list to have my machine stretched, by WOW Quilts (Update:They are no longer in business). I was told then there was a 6 month to a year wait.    Early December 2011 Rick called and told me it was time to send my machine in.  So I sent my Brother PQ1500S out to be stretched.  Needless to say I was VERY Apprehensive!   I was told it would be about 3 months before I would get my machine back.  I waited......and waited......... and waited.......called and called then.......6 months later I got the call that she was ready to be sent home.  

She sat in the box for days before I was able to set her up.

It was VERY well packed.  All the packing was removed for the photo.  I was so so nervous.... Did I do the right thing spending all that money.... what if it sews terrible?  Did I do the right thing??????


I now have tons of space to quilt.  I have 18.5 inches from needle to the back of the machine.  

I get about a full 15 inches of quilting space now. 

I use a homemade Dead Bar which helped to give me some space.  I tilted the bar forward to avoid the angle of the back of the carriage handles. If I didn't tilt it forward I would have lost about 3 more inches.  Here is a view from the back.

Here are some other changes to the machine.

Black button is for needle down/up (which the Brother does not do)

Red Button - Thread Cutter at the front of the machine.

Removed Backwards Sewing Handle
Bottom Plate

Some of my modification:
Thread Guide - Thread was breaking due to the length, so I added some 3M Wire holders.  They are removable and 
repositionable if I need to move them. They are smooth inside so no shredding of thread. I added three. 

 Close Up

Wooden Base for Support:
Now that the machine is so much longer, my carriage is not!  To prevent any bowing or distortion of the new size I added a solid piece of shelving to the carraige.   I had it cut to fit the machine and the carraige.  I cut it 22 by 7.5.  Perfect Fit!  
 I kept it flush with the front of the machine. 

I wanted the back to be a little longer so I could add my Iron Keeper.  The Iron Keeper holds the electrical cords away from the quilt frame.   

The suction cups on the bottom of the machine fit just right!!  

I am so happy with my machine.  She sews beautifully and I have so much room Now!