Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spider-Man Quilt

Spider-Man Quilt

I was asked to make a Spider-Man quilt for my friend's grandson. I have made him several quilts as he has grown. :) She wanted both Spider-Man and the Green Goblin in it.  She also asked for buildings in the background. 

The Web:  I used cording to make the webbing and couched over the cord.

I "graffitied" the grandson's name into the bricks.  

The Web & Chest: 
I used Pigma Micron Black ink to draw the line on the Spider-Man suit.  I used monofilament thread over the lines to pop the chest and webs forward. The center spider was embroidered.

Exploding Pumpkins: used both dark gray and variegated red / orange thread.  I made all the eyes look toward Spider-Man

The Background:   I originally wanted to do a moon, but I felt that if I did I would have to make the background too dark. I used a variegated red/orange thread and  white thread to quilt the rays of the sun.  I didn't have the right blue for the background color so I hand dyed the background. I used three shades of blue dye. This was my first attempt at hand dyeing fabric. I felt like a mad scientist while mixing the dyes. Lots of fun!!   LOL

The Buildings:  I wanted to create depth so the buildings are much larger at the top and the traffic light at the bottom is very small. 

The Goblin: I had a hard time doing his face. Just couldn't get it right, but it's fine. I have smoke coming out of all the pumpkins and his flying device.  I have no idea what it is called.  

The Borders:  I made the red border look like bricks and the outer border filled with webs and spiders!  

I am sure he will love this!!  

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