Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Vintage Mickey Mouse / Disney Backpacks

Shhhhhhhh.............    This is a surprise gift for a wonderful and amazing young lady - Meaghan!

Our family will be venturing out to Disney for a wonderful event.  When I saw this fabric, Vintage Mickey Mouse Ads, I just had to make something out of it.            

Backpacks!!  Four in all so all the young ladies will be able to travel in "style"!  LOL

Butterick Pattern B4147.  - Perfect size to travel the parks with. 

Back Straps

Snap Closures

Inside Lining with two Pockets

Front Zippered Pocket

Mickey Zipper Pull - Each one different

Pull Tie to cinch the top closed

Adjustable Back Straps.

Memory T-Shirt Quilt

Double Sided Memory T-Shirt  Quilt

Just finished another double sided t-shirt quilt.  Shirts were various sizes to start with.  I put most of the 16 by 16 blocks on one side and the 12 by 12 on the other, filling in with smaller blocks and sashing . 
16 by 16 Side

Quilted Overall Hearts

12 by 12 and smaller