My Favorite Sewing / Quilting Tools

My Favorite Sewing / Quilting Tools

Dental tools work great to get out those pesky stitches.  Watch out they can be very pointy.  I dulled them down with fine sand paper. (Purchased at Harbor Freight) 

Long Sheers to cut batting.  (Purchased at Harbor Freight) 

Telescoping Magnet: To pick up pins and other stuff.  (Purchased at Harbor Freight) 

Magnet attached to the bottom of a metal bowl.  Hold my quilting pins. Super cheep to make at home.

 (Purchased at Harbor Freight) 

Suction cup for ruler. No Longer one of my favorites as it started to lose suction.  (Purchased at Harbor Freight) Check out the prices at the link below.

Clip N Seal: For clipping the quilt to long arm frame. (Bought at Clip N Seal Web Site)
Mondo Pack.  

 Quilting Ruler Foot: From Finishing Touches Quilting Studio
After about a year the bottom came loose. I sent it back for repair and they sent me a brand new one!!! 
Super Love this ruler foot!!! 

"Ruler Holder" :  This holder is made from foam.  Super light and holds a bunch of rulers.  I get these foam holders at the end of track season.  They hold the medal we give to the kids.  One day I decided to see if it would hold my rulers.... and its great!  But it couldn't support the weight of the rulers, so I attached a self stick floor tile to the bottom! I held the rulers sideways and they held tight.  
Anyone interest let me know I have a bunch.  :) 

Dead Bar: Used electrical conduit 

Inside View of Dead Bar

"Carriage Lock" : Dollar Store Item

Tension Gauge

Utility Rack on End of Frame: Walmart 

Pounce: One Blue for light colors one white for dark colors


Used Needle Container:   I used an old Trident Gum container.  Put a hole in the top wide enough for the needles.   When it's full I just toss it in the recycle bin.  No loose needles!!

Binder clips

$3 laser light-Hardware Store

Homemade Light Box:  Plexiglas and an old florescent light. Works really well. 
Home Depot 

Long Arm Rulers: Gifts

Love these quilt sticks... Do I need them??? No, but they cut my cutting time in half. 

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