Baby / Toddler Quilts

Flamingo Quilt

Noah's Truck Quilt

Cute Baby Panel

Nikki's Monkey Quilt ...   : See Close-Ups Here  

Fantasy Quilt

Abigail's Quilt

Micah's Quilt  Click here to see close ups)
Dinosaur Quilt
 Abby's Quilt

Dinosaurs! Click here for post

April Showers

Flower Garden

Flower Quilt

Fairy Garden Quilt


Friendly Animal Quilt

Jack in The Box

Jack in The Box 

Jack in The Box 

Jack in The Box 

April Showers 2

Puppies & Kittens

Girl Teddy Bear Quilt

Puppies & Kittens 2

Sea Creatures

Snips and Tails

Animal Spin Around Quilt

Boy's Teddy Bear

Girls Teddy Bear 2

Large Toy Box
Patchwork with Hearts

Small Toy Box

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