Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dinosaur Quilt for a Baby Boy

I finally got around to finishing the newest dinosaur quilt.  The name of the quilt is called Dinosauria found in the Quilt it for Kids Magazine 2004.  I was asked to make the quilt in primary colors... or close to it.  

I really liked making this quilt.  It was fun, easy and fast!  


  1. I love this quilt the colors you choose are perfect. My son and his wife are doing their nursery in dinosaurs and saw this quilt and want it duplicated now ha! I've searched everywhere for the pattern no luck.

    1. It's from Quilt it for Kids Magazine 2004 Dinosauria. It was originally made in whites, blacks and grays. My customer wanted it in primary colors. I can make one for you. LOL