Friday, June 22, 2012

My Stretched BrotherPQ1500S

Finally My Baby is Home!  

Before and After!!  

I really loved my 9 inch Brother machine, but like many quilters I outgrew my shortarm fairly quickly. 

Out of frustration with the lack of space while quilting,    (Summer of 2011) I called  and put my name on a list to have my machine stretched, by WOW Quilts (Update:They are no longer in business). I was told then there was a 6 month to a year wait.    Early December 2011 Rick called and told me it was time to send my machine in.  So I sent my Brother PQ1500S out to be stretched.  Needless to say I was VERY Apprehensive!   I was told it would be about 3 months before I would get my machine back.  I waited......and waited......... and waited.......called and called then.......6 months later I got the call that she was ready to be sent home.  

She sat in the box for days before I was able to set her up.

It was VERY well packed.  All the packing was removed for the photo.  I was so so nervous.... Did I do the right thing spending all that money.... what if it sews terrible?  Did I do the right thing??????


I now have tons of space to quilt.  I have 18.5 inches from needle to the back of the machine.  

I get about a full 15 inches of quilting space now. 

I use a homemade Dead Bar which helped to give me some space.  I tilted the bar forward to avoid the angle of the back of the carriage handles. If I didn't tilt it forward I would have lost about 3 more inches.  Here is a view from the back.

Here are some other changes to the machine.

Black button is for needle down/up (which the Brother does not do)

Red Button - Thread Cutter at the front of the machine.

Removed Backwards Sewing Handle
Bottom Plate

Some of my modification:
Thread Guide - Thread was breaking due to the length, so I added some 3M Wire holders.  They are removable and 
repositionable if I need to move them. They are smooth inside so no shredding of thread. I added three. 

 Close Up

Wooden Base for Support:
Now that the machine is so much longer, my carriage is not!  To prevent any bowing or distortion of the new size I added a solid piece of shelving to the carraige.   I had it cut to fit the machine and the carraige.  I cut it 22 by 7.5.  Perfect Fit!  
 I kept it flush with the front of the machine. 

I wanted the back to be a little longer so I could add my Iron Keeper.  The Iron Keeper holds the electrical cords away from the quilt frame.   

The suction cups on the bottom of the machine fit just right!!  

I am so happy with my machine.  She sews beautifully and I have so much room Now!  


  1. I'm so glad I stumbled on your site. I have a 1300 and am considering getting it stretched because I love my little machine. My only frustration has been no needle up/down button
    What frame do you have it on? I would love to see this in person but you probably don't live anywhere near TN. Let me know how it goes with your new machine!

    1. I used a Grace Speed Control to compensate for the lack of an up and down button. If I where to purchase again, I would buy a Juki that has the needle up and down feature. I bought this machine as a package deal from one of the ladies at my quilt guild.

  2. Can you give us more information about the iron keeper? I have a terrible time with all the wires behind my machine and frame and I have not been able to come up with a doable plan. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Do a search for Ironing Board Cord Keeper and a few sites will come up. Prices range from $5 - $11 dollars. I screwed the cord keeper to the back of the frame and loaded the wires to the top. It holds the cords away from the machine. Hope this helps!! And good luck!