Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May's Free Motion Quilt Challenge

May's Free Motion Quilt Challenge 

This month's tutorial was presented by Leah Day 

 I love, love, love Leah!  I have been following her for years.  She is a bright and intelligent women who has a strong and endearing spirit.  Her love for quilting is evident throughout her blog. Her skills as a quilter are awesome and her generosity with that knowledge has helped hundreds if not thousand of quilters.  Thank You Leah Day!!! I look to you for inspiration everyday! 

Here is May's Sample.  The straight lines were harder than the curves, but with practice is will get better.  This tutorial was fun and freeing.  Thanks Leah Day for a great tutorial! 

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  1. I am slow getting around to see the links on this challenge. I think you have done a great job. When I first started FMQ I found the round, flowy shapes hardest to do. Now I think the right angles are more challenging for me. : )