Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spider-Man Quilt

Spider-Man Quilt

I was asked to make a Spider-Man quilt for my friend's grandson. I have made him several quilts as he has grown. :) She wanted both Spider-Man and the Green Goblin in it.  She also asked for buildings in the background. 

The Web:  I used cording to make the webbing and couched over the cord.

I "graffitied" the grandson's name into the bricks.  

The Web & Chest: 
I used Pigma Micron Black ink to draw the line on the Spider-Man suit.  I used monofilament thread over the lines to pop the chest and webs forward. The center spider was embroidered.

Exploding Pumpkins: used both dark gray and variegated red / orange thread.  I made all the eyes look toward Spider-Man

The Background:   I originally wanted to do a moon, but I felt that if I did I would have to make the background too dark. I used a variegated red/orange thread and  white thread to quilt the rays of the sun.  I didn't have the right blue for the background color so I hand dyed the background. I used three shades of blue dye. This was my first attempt at hand dyeing fabric. I felt like a mad scientist while mixing the dyes. Lots of fun!!   LOL

The Buildings:  I wanted to create depth so the buildings are much larger at the top and the traffic light at the bottom is very small. 

The Goblin: I had a hard time doing his face. Just couldn't get it right, but it's fine. I have smoke coming out of all the pumpkins and his flying device.  I have no idea what it is called.  

The Borders:  I made the red border look like bricks and the outer border filled with webs and spiders!  

I am sure he will love this!!  

The Label


Monday, February 10, 2014

Quiltastic- A Little Makeover For My Machine

Just got these stickers in the mail.  They are easy to use and easy to place.  Best of all they look great!   No more boring white machine! 

You can get yours here...   
They have lots of styles and colors combos.  

I even put one on my thread stand! 

Turtle Themed T-Shirt Quilt.

Turtle Themed T-Shirt Quilt. 

 This customer wanted  turtle designs in the border.  From far away they are hard to see, but as you come closer they become visible. I wanted them to be subtle,  so they look as if they were swimming within the vines.   Since the central focus are the shirts,  I didn't want the turtles to distract from the full quilt.

Working up the turtle design for the borders.
Corner Turtle

Turtles Swimming!

On The Frame

Combined two shirts together.

Used front logo and added to the back of the shirt

Used both front and back of the shirt to create this block.

Back side of the quilting. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Running T-Shirt Quilt 2

Running T-Shirt Quilt

Another happy customer!  Finished way before Christmas! I am sure Fran's daughter will love her running quilt.  The quilt was made from 27 shirts.  The quilt itself is only a 25 block square quilt.  It wasn't until the quilt was finished and quilted that I found another bag with 14 more shirts in it.  Ugh!  Oh well I make her a lap quilt too.  









Quilted Heart 
Running Sneaker Border