Monday, April 20, 2015


Broadway and Concert T-Shirt Quilt

I was contacted by a customer to help her with her original T-Shirt Quilt.  Not sure where she had hers made, but she wasn't happy with it and I can understand why.  First off they cut off design elements. Look at Newsies (gray shirt) and the back of the "Rent" shirt.  NO Interfacing to support the shirts.   Really poor workmanship............ with a cheap price. 

    "o day but toda"  Really???

I was given some new shirts and was asked if I could somehow incorporate the old ones.  I deconstructed the old quilt, but the size was really off.  So I ended up  combining several of the shirts: both pink shirts to make a larger "Beauty", Cinderella with the back of the shirt, Rent with the front and the back of the shirt, Billy Joel, Etc. 

Added side borders with a few of the original shirts because they were cut really small.  

Any of the shirts that had design elements missing I used on the back.  

Working on those feathers.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wedding Quilt

Robyn's Wedding Quilt

My Boyfriend's daughter is getting married in June.  Her colors for the wedding are white, black and red.  I saw this pattern on Etsy and fell in love with it. The pattern is called "From This Moment - A Wedding Quilt" by MorelCabin Creations. The original size was much smaller, but I enlarged borders.  It's Queen size.

Believe it or not, there are over 250 +  Red Swarovski Crystals throughout the quilt.

Words of Wisdom:


Hearts  Everywhere.  In every white box there are hearts or flower designs.

The Bride's Wedding Invitation was a scroll.  I added it to the back of the quilt. 

Custom Quilt Storage Bag- I like how the silhouette  shows through. 

At the shower. 

Also made her custom towels.  
This was driving me nuts because the backing of the mat kept getting stuck!  

Design by JuJu

Number of hours to make all this........................too many to count.  
Congrats Robyn

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Band T-Shirt Quilt

Emma's Band Quilt

This quilt is made up of only concert t-shirts.  Many of the panels where very long, so long in fact that I had to improvise. Usually I cut each shirt  block 15 inch square, but the longer shirts blocks ran 15 by 18.  I wanted to keep the blocks even, so I cut out smaller 3 by 15 inch blocks.  In those blocks I used "band / concert" themed designs.

Musical Notes
Band Equipment

Music Notes 



Special care also had to be made with the signatures.  Some were on the back of the shirts or on the side.  With those signatures I cut them out and appliqued them to front of the blocks. 

The border design was made up of band equipment.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For the Boys Quilt

Used the Qbot for sashing designs, border  and center stars.

Embroidery Designs: For the Boys by OESD.

Space Border Design.