Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two Truck / Cars Quilts

I was commissioned to make one truck / cars quilt..... then she wanted two!  

Although the designs are the same the placement and quilting in each are different.

Some of the back quilting

The front border is very busy so you can't see the border design..... but on the back you can!

She didn't add a custom quilt label, so I added my mini one.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Flamingo Quilt for a Baby Girl

I was contacted to make a quilt with hearts and flamingos for a baby girl.  The client loved it!!

Memorial Wall Hanging

This memorial wall hanging was made from a denim jacket.  

 The jacket had a very special meaning to the family.

Originally she wanted it to look like a jacket with the pockets, buttons, sleeves  and such throughout a patchwork border.   When she saw the idea come to life, she changed her mind.... and we created this!

 Love how it turned out.  

I even made a little kick knack jar with scraps from the jacket.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Vintage Mickey Mouse / Disney Backpacks

Shhhhhhhh.............    This is a surprise gift for a wonderful and amazing young lady - Meaghan!

Our family will be venturing out to Disney for a wonderful event.  When I saw this fabric, Vintage Mickey Mouse Ads, I just had to make something out of it.            

Backpacks!!  Four in all so all the young ladies will be able to travel in "style"!  LOL

Butterick Pattern B4147.  - Perfect size to travel the parks with. 

Back Straps

Snap Closures

Inside Lining with two Pockets

Front Zippered Pocket

Mickey Zipper Pull - Each one different

Pull Tie to cinch the top closed

Adjustable Back Straps.

Memory T-Shirt Quilt

Double Sided Memory T-Shirt  Quilt

Just finished another double sided t-shirt quilt.  Shirts were various sizes to start with.  I put most of the 16 by 16 blocks on one side and the 12 by 12 on the other, filling in with smaller blocks and sashing . 
16 by 16 Side

Quilted Overall Hearts

12 by 12 and smaller