Wednesday, March 27, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt For A Very Special Lady

For My Dear Friend Karen 

I made this T-Shirt quilt for a woman who is truly inspirational! She is a true fighter in every sense of the word.... from MS to Cancer... She can run the whole 26.2 NYC Marathon  with her crutches... and she has done this more than once!  Her spirit is infectious!! She is always giving, giving, giving!!! It is give back time!! It was a joy and a pleasure to work on this quilt. Each shirt holds a very special meaning for her. I was honored to make it for her.

Telegraph T-Shirt

This shirt was given to Karen years ago by her sister. While visiting a friend house the shirt became ruined.  Her friend's mother had an old ringer tub.  It got stuck in the ringer and was torn front and back and became unbelievably stretched out!  She couldn't wear it after that, but she held on to it for years. She wasn't sure that I would be able to put it in the quilt.  I mended the shirt the best I could, but no matter how I tried to block it the shirt would not straighten out. So I quilted horizontal and vertical lines. This shirt is very special to her and I am glad I was able to put it in the quilt. 


 Small Tigger from the front of the shirt was added to the block.

 This block was very long so I cut Central Park out and added to the side of the shirt.

 Quilted the number 40 on the lower portion of the block.
 Added clouds.
           Added hearts. 
 Cut the Mr. Bubble saying from the back of the shirt and added it to the front. The bubbles were fun to do.  
 Quilted a few dog bones in the lower half of the block. 
Cut the back of the shirt and pieced it to the front of the shirt. 
 Achilles Kids is a wonderful Running Program for Children and Adults with Special Needs. 

 Added hearts and circles.

Cut the front logo and added it to the back of the shirt. 

My personal Favorite! Yummmm Chocolate!! 

 Roxie Approved!  

Wild Animal Print Quilt

My friend at work is having a baby.  She loves animal prints.  I told her I would love to make her a baby quilt. Jungle Animals is her theme. Mommy wanted animal prints only, with plain center blocks.  I asked her if I could quilt baby animals into the center of each block, but she said "Nope, just plain".   Grrrr

So this one for Mommy

This one for Baby

Sunday, March 24, 2013

After The Clean Up!! -- My "New" Antique Singer 66 "Red Eye" Treadle Machine

With a little research I found out my machine was made in Elizabeth, New Jersey around June 10, 1910!   My machine is 103 years old!  It's mounted in a "Parlor Cabinet".

While I was cleaning the machine I couldn't help wonder who used this machine before. Young - Old - Male - Female - What Stories does it have to tell?  Rest assured it will be well cared for so it can last another 103 years!. 

Cleaning the cabinet:  What did I use?  Just pure Lemon Oil.  I didn't want to use any harsh chemical on it because its over 100 years old.  I did a search on the internet.  Lots of info out there, but I wanted the simplest way.  Here is a link to one of the videos.

What a difference a little scrub and polish can do.

I couldn't wait to try her out so I used cord and dental floss as a belt. It works! She sew beautifully! The stitches are well formed. I couldn't be happier.  

I ordered a new belt, bobbins, felt disks and rubber bobbin wheel for about $10 bucks. 

There are eight doors on the cabinet and five drawers. 

Some chipped paint, but all in all is looks great!

You can see the rotten bobbin wheel on the right hand side as well as the "belt" which is held together with dental floss.

 In the next two pictures you can see the belt guide.  I thought it was broken, but found a video on you tube on how to replace a broken spring.  Turns out mine was loose.  So I followed the instruction and saved $19 bucks. 

Missed cleaning here.

Cleaned up Nicely.

You can't believe how much lint I removed from here!!!!!!

There is a black spot I can't get out, but it shines! 

Looks great considering the wheel was slightly rusted.

I used 45 Q-Tips to clean it all up.

BeforeThe Clean Up!!! My "New" Antique Singer 66 "Red Eye" Treadle Machine

I have always been fascinated by Antique Sewing Machines.  When I was younger I would watch my Grandmother sew on  her Singer 201 sewing machine. Her sewing machine has gone untouched for years now (my mother does not sew, but she will not part with the machine).  Sigh

Yesterday my DBF and I were looking for a table for his new apartment. We went to all the local furniture stores, but didn't find any thing he wanted. On the off chance I told  him to try St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop.  You never know what you can find there................

In the corner of the shop, by the window there was a sewing machine table all closed up.  It was marked down from the month before.  It had a vase in the center and a box on top.

Like any self respecting quilter, I  had to look inside the cabinet, while my DBF went looking for his table.  I couldn't believe what I found! There was a dirty Singer Treadle Machine inside.  It was a mess.  But.......
Parlor Cabinet
It took me almost 20 minutes before I realized there was a button near the right hand panel that I could push to release the lift.  You can see it in the picture above.   I think the shop couldn't figure it out either. Lucky Me! Last year I saw a treadle in the store, but when I went back the next day it was gone.  The shop owner says they go very fast.  

Why do I want a Treadle???????? Hurricanes! 

Hurricane Irene - No Electric for 5 days.  
Hurricane Sandy -No Electric for 7 days.
What did I do during that time, organized my fabrics.
Seeing how our weather is changing I decided I needed a Treadle to keep my sanity!   LOL

The Machine

The previous owners replaced the rear face plate with a light.  The electrical cord was dried out and cracking, the leather belt was missing, the belt cord shifter was moving freely and appeared to be broken  ( I didn't even know what this was for). The cabinet was in good shape, except the top was stained.  Looked like they over watered their plants.  

Before She was Cleaned

Accessories / No Box. There is a key??? Later I found the key hole that locks the drawers.

 Check Out the Price of the Oil....  30 Cents.    Don't worry... didn't use this old oil.  

Love this Oil Can!  

Found the missing rear face plate

All in all she was in good shape, so I took her home. 
Now for a little research on treadle machines
 clean up time.

Plaid Ponies = Huge Mistake!!!!

It took some time, but I finally finished.  Between the piecing and quilting this quilt took some time.  I was so excited when I took the quilt off the frame and was shocked to see 

 A Huge -- Beginner Mistake!
It was all quilted before I noticed it!!!!!! 
Can you find it????  Ugh!! 

I must have looked at this quilt on my design wall for days....Nope didn't see anything.  I thought about taking the whole quilt apart, but decided against that. 

I asked my friend to find the mistake and she couldn't see it. Thank Goodness this is not the first quilt I made for her.  I had to point out that row one and two are not in the right order....  She didn't care, she loved it anyway!!   

 I stitched in the ditch for most of this quilt.  I wanted to keep is simple since it's a very busy quilt. 

Outer border strips

I called my friend about the name.  I wanted to double check the spelling of the Baby's name.  She told me it was correct.  I saw her a week or two after the quilt was done ..... Guess What .... It was spelled wrong!  I knew it...  I told her I would make her a new quilt label when she got the correct spelling, but she said... don't worry. It should have been Gabriel.