Sunday, March 24, 2013

After The Clean Up!! -- My "New" Antique Singer 66 "Red Eye" Treadle Machine

With a little research I found out my machine was made in Elizabeth, New Jersey around June 10, 1910!   My machine is 103 years old!  It's mounted in a "Parlor Cabinet".

While I was cleaning the machine I couldn't help wonder who used this machine before. Young - Old - Male - Female - What Stories does it have to tell?  Rest assured it will be well cared for so it can last another 103 years!. 

Cleaning the cabinet:  What did I use?  Just pure Lemon Oil.  I didn't want to use any harsh chemical on it because its over 100 years old.  I did a search on the internet.  Lots of info out there, but I wanted the simplest way.  Here is a link to one of the videos.

What a difference a little scrub and polish can do.

I couldn't wait to try her out so I used cord and dental floss as a belt. It works! She sew beautifully! The stitches are well formed. I couldn't be happier.  

I ordered a new belt, bobbins, felt disks and rubber bobbin wheel for about $10 bucks. 

There are eight doors on the cabinet and five drawers. 

Some chipped paint, but all in all is looks great!

You can see the rotten bobbin wheel on the right hand side as well as the "belt" which is held together with dental floss.

 In the next two pictures you can see the belt guide.  I thought it was broken, but found a video on you tube on how to replace a broken spring.  Turns out mine was loose.  So I followed the instruction and saved $19 bucks. 

Missed cleaning here.

Cleaned up Nicely.

You can't believe how much lint I removed from here!!!!!!

There is a black spot I can't get out, but it shines! 

Looks great considering the wheel was slightly rusted.

I used 45 Q-Tips to clean it all up.

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  1. That is a beautiful machine in a gorgeous cabinet!