Sunday, March 24, 2013

BeforeThe Clean Up!!! My "New" Antique Singer 66 "Red Eye" Treadle Machine

I have always been fascinated by Antique Sewing Machines.  When I was younger I would watch my Grandmother sew on  her Singer 201 sewing machine. Her sewing machine has gone untouched for years now (my mother does not sew, but she will not part with the machine).  Sigh

Yesterday my DBF and I were looking for a table for his new apartment. We went to all the local furniture stores, but didn't find any thing he wanted. On the off chance I told  him to try St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Shop.  You never know what you can find there................

In the corner of the shop, by the window there was a sewing machine table all closed up.  It was marked down from the month before.  It had a vase in the center and a box on top.

Like any self respecting quilter, I  had to look inside the cabinet, while my DBF went looking for his table.  I couldn't believe what I found! There was a dirty Singer Treadle Machine inside.  It was a mess.  But.......
Parlor Cabinet
It took me almost 20 minutes before I realized there was a button near the right hand panel that I could push to release the lift.  You can see it in the picture above.   I think the shop couldn't figure it out either. Lucky Me! Last year I saw a treadle in the store, but when I went back the next day it was gone.  The shop owner says they go very fast.  

Why do I want a Treadle???????? Hurricanes! 

Hurricane Irene - No Electric for 5 days.  
Hurricane Sandy -No Electric for 7 days.
What did I do during that time, organized my fabrics.
Seeing how our weather is changing I decided I needed a Treadle to keep my sanity!   LOL

The Machine

The previous owners replaced the rear face plate with a light.  The electrical cord was dried out and cracking, the leather belt was missing, the belt cord shifter was moving freely and appeared to be broken  ( I didn't even know what this was for). The cabinet was in good shape, except the top was stained.  Looked like they over watered their plants.  

Before She was Cleaned

Accessories / No Box. There is a key??? Later I found the key hole that locks the drawers.

 Check Out the Price of the Oil....  30 Cents.    Don't worry... didn't use this old oil.  

Love this Oil Can!  

Found the missing rear face plate

All in all she was in good shape, so I took her home. 
Now for a little research on treadle machines
 clean up time.


  1. I was doing some research on the age of the Singer Model 66 Red Eye sewing machine I found at a thrift store for $3. However, it does not have all it's parts or a cabinet. I didn't care though. I cleaned it up and my husband is going to build me a display box for it. It is just beautiful.

    1. $3!! Wow! Great find. Enjoy her... I love mine!!!

    2. You should be able to electrify it. They still sell outside mount motors.

    3. You should be able to electrify it, they still sell outside mount moters.

  2. Amanda I really don't want it electrified. I want one that is "foot" powered. LOL

  3. I just found a 1910 Singer 66 "red-eye" treadle! I have it up and running, but want to free-motion quilt with it....any tips?

  4. Congrats on your "New" BABY!!!! I found a few video's on you tube... Here is one:
    I haven't tried free motion quilting on this baby yet. Good Luck and let me know how it works out for you!!!