Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lone Star & Dinosaur Quilts are Finally Done!

Lone Star 

I am so happy that this quilt is finally completed!  I spent more hours picking out stitches then I care to admit.  I wanted to use my PC Quilter to make the feathered wreath but I am waiting for my regular quilting machine to come back from the shop.  I was using my Pfaff Creative 2.0 which is not really big enough to make the 12 inch wreath.  I tried to do the feathers on the frame.... BUT.....One big problem… I can’t see behind the quilting foot!!!  Rip… rip… rip out the stitches!!!  I quickly discovered this was not the way to go, so I had to do all the free motion quilting on my sit down machine. 

I first had to make the feathered template.  I used several layers of freezer paper ironed together to get a nice stiff pounce base.  I punched holes in the paper large enough for the chalk to go through.  I used the blue colored pounce against the cream background fabric. 
I am glad I joined the Free Motion Quilt Challenge by SewCalGal…  February’s Challenge were Feathers!! 


I finished Adam's Dinosaur Quilt as well. 

 This was fun to make, but really missed my Mid-Arm Machine.  I couldn't see where I was going because the quilting foot is so large and the IDT  (Walking Foot ) is in the way.  Can't wait till I get it back!!  

Free Motion Quilt Challenge by SewCalGal… January’s Challenge ..... Leaves!!  

And I am looking forward to March's Challenge!!!!  

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